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Qualified Medical Child Support Orders (QMCSO)
The Plan Administrator is required to comply with a Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO) or a National Medical Support Notice (NMSN).
A medical child support order is a judgment, order, or decree that is made under State domestic relations law and provides for child support or health benefit coverage for an "alternate recipient." An alternate recipient is a child of a participant under a group health care plan who is recognized under the order as having the right to enrollment under the plan with respect to the participant. A medical child support order that is "qualified" creates or recognizes the right of the "alternate recipient" to receive benefits for which the participant is eligible under a group health plan. The order is recognized as "qualified" by the Plan Administrator of the group health plan when it includes certain information that meet the QMCSO statutory requirements.
In addition, a properly completed NMSN issued by a State child support enforcement agency must be treated as a QMCSO. You may request and receive, without charge, a copy of the plan's procedures for evaluating such orders or notices. You will be notified if the plan receives a medical child support order or notice in your name. If you are in the process of getting a divorce and have questions about QMCSOs or NMSNs, please contact the Plan Administrator.