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Qualifying Gifts
Gifts That Qualify For Matching
  • Gifts must be by personal check or securities with a quoted market value. For gifts in securities, the Foundation will determine the amount of it's grant based on the last sale or bid price on or before the date of the contribution, when possible.
  • A bequest on a "one-time-only" basis if it's paid within two years of death and if it satisfies all provisions of this program
  • Attendance at an institution is not a requirement for the gift to be eligible for matching
  • Matching of gifts by another foundation or company will NOT disqualify a gift under this program
This program is intended to support voluntary contributions to 501(c) (3) institutions. It is not designed to replace or pay for expenses that are not tax deductible as contributions under Internal Revenue Service regulations.
Gifts That Do Not Qualify
Excluded from this program are all payments other than outright gifts, for example: payments in lieu of tuition, admission to institutions, sports, cultural or other events, class, national or local alumni dues, memberships, subscription fees, promotional events such as lotteries or magazine sales and other payments as may be determined not to be in compliance with the provisions or intent of this program.