Participating in the Benefit Plans > Enrolling
For most of the Company's benefits, you must formally enroll to participate. For some benefits, such as the Cash Balance Plan and Short-term Disability, participation is automatic.
When First Eligible
Eligible employees will receive a new hire enrollment guide. For most benefits, you will need to enroll for coverage within 31 days of becoming eligible for coverage. If you do not enroll within this 31-day deadline, you cannot enroll for coverage until the next Open Enrollment period, unless you have a life status change. (See the Life Events section for more information.)
During Open Enrollment
Each year you will have the opportunity to review and make changes to your benefit coverage. If you do not enroll for coverage when you first become eligible, or if you want to make a change in your coverage, you may do so during Open Enrollment. Open Enrollment is held each year prior to January 1. Your benefit plans are in effect from January 1-December 31.
Following a Life Event
The enrollment choices you make when you first become eligible or during Open Enrollment are usually in effect for the entire calendar year for which you enroll. However, because your needs for benefits typically change when you experience certain life events, such as getting married or having a baby, the benefit plans, in accordance with federal rules, allow you to make changes in some situations as long as you make your change within 31 days of the event.
If you have a life status change during the year, you may elect or change your coverage if it relates to the event. A life status change occurs if:
  • You get married, satisfy the criteria for a domestic partnership, or enter into a civil union
  • You become legally separated or divorced, your marriage is annulled, you dissolve a domestic partnership or a civil union
  • Your spouse/partner or dependent dies
  • You have a child by birth or adoption
  • You gain or lose custody of a child
  • Your dependent child no longer meets the eligibility requirements for coverage
  • There is a change in your or your spouse's/partner's employment resulting in a gain/loss of eligibility for one or more of his or her benefit plans
  • There is a significant cost or coverage change in your or your spouse's/ partner's benefit plans
  • You or your spouse/partner becomes eligible for Medicare
  • Your COBRA benefits through another employer end
  • You move
A change in coverage can be made only if it directly relates to the life status change. Expenses incurred as a result of the life status change will be covered as of the effective date of the life event. See the Life Events section for more information.